Meat MezzeMeat Mezze Sharing plate for 2

A selection of cured meats, salad, humous, olives, bread and oil with balsamic. This beautiful colourful starter has a rustic rosemary focaccia to complete that Mediterranean taste.

beef and bean stewRanchers Night (October 2013)

Cowboys hearty beef and bean stew spooned into a bread bowl. This variation of our usual steak pie was another popular choice on that evening. I don’t think anyone managed to eat the whole bread bowl!!

Exterior of RestaurantStiltskins looks enchanting by night. Is someone really spinning gold in there?

healthy berries in an elderflower jellThis is one of the new range of dessert options for our Sunday roast menu. We felt that most people would want something lighter to have for dessert after eating one of our huge roasts. This dessert is bursting with healthy berries in an elderflower jelly which has a rosy sparkling diamond clarity to it. With a small serving of Cornish ice cream it’s a light treat to finish a lovely Sunday roast.

Coconut infused salmonRanchers Night (October 2013)

Slow roasted coconut infused salmon on crushed new potatoes with red pesto. This colourful flavour packed dish was a favourite on Ranchers Night.

Bubble and SqueakBubble and Squeak

Bubble and Squeak is a starter often on our Specials. Because of it’s popularity it will soon be joining our regular menu. Served in a mini frying pan with brown sauce and rustic focaccia. How can anyone resist?

Smoked SalmonSmoked salmon with prawn, horseradish cream and lime vinaigrette. This is a very light starter just for Sunday’s so as not to spoil you for the roast.

Pork spare ribs Ranchers Night (October 2013)

Pork spare ribs glazed with homemade barbeque sauce ‘almost a challenge!’. If you got through the melt in the mouth pork smothered in chefs own special tangy sauce then you had little room for dessert. Because of it’s high demand on ‘Ranchers’, you will now find it on our regular menu.

Outside on a typically beautiful sunny day in Cornwall

Come back summer!

It was so nice to be able to sit and eat outside. All the children loved it playing in the adjacent park, while mums and dads lazed around in the sunshine for a couple of hours relaxed and chilled.

Warm goats cheeseWarm goat’s cheese on a crouton with leaves, balsamic dressing. Scrumptious!! As starters go I think this one is perfect.

T-bone steakRanchers Night (October 2013)

Not every restaurant serves a T-bone steak and our theme night gave us the excuse to put it on the menu along with the buffalo chips (which really where huge). This dish was so popular we have now added it to our regular menu.

cheese boardCheese board (varieties subject to change)

Grapes, celery, slices of apple,crisp,fresh and delicious served with red onion marmalade a variety of crackers and a selection of cheeses some of them local like the Cornish blue and Davidstow cheddar.